Dear patients,
Welcome to Austin Square Medical Group.
Gregory J. Facemyer, M.D., LLC DBA Austin Square Medical Group was formed in 2007 in Dr. Facemyer's hometown of Austintown, Ohio under the premise of developing a model for the modern day Family Practice which more clearly resembles the traditional nature of the "old-fashioned" Family Doctor. This viewpoint is often contrary to the complexity and depersonalization of the more modern day group Family Practice. At Austin Square Medical Group, it is our goal to provide exceptional, yet convenient medical care with as many services as possible at one location to the entire family spectrum. These services currently include, Lab, Ultrasound, 2D Echo, Bone Densitometry, Nerve Conduction Testing, Pulmonary Function Testing, and Cryosurgery.  We are also in the process of adding additional services including Electronic Medical Records, an in-office Generic Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, and Nuclear Stress Testing.
Through our extensive Primary Care training in medical school, residency, and continual Continuing Medical Education courses, Austin Square Medical Group can provide the the most up-to-date options for disease management, treatment, and prevention by utilizing our expertise and experience in dealing with the entire family and all ages of patients through the use of diet and exercise, patient counseling skills, over-the-counter medications, vitamin supplementations, prescription medications, various diagnostic testing modalities, and specialist consultations, when necessary. 
In addition, through our own professional example, Austin Square Medical Group hopes to continually demonstrate our office's constant dedication and empathy towards each patient by making them feel genuinely welcome and appreciated as an integral part of our extended office family.
Gregory J. Facemyer, M.D., F.A.A.F.P.
Owner, Austin Square Medical Group
Associate Professor of Family Medicine NEOUCOM